“I have been I client of Art for 15 years. His work has been phenomenal in helping me with my challenges in my life. A few years ago I had a heart problem and the doctor recommended drugs and possible surgery. Art cleared my heart problem and it has never reoccurred. This book documents his practice well.”

— Ken Peterson, San Diego, CA


“Until I read his book, it was hard to believe anyone could do what Art does with releasing locked in anger. It makes one wonder why people are not beating a path to his door with the results he obtains with his process. … Many times I could not figure out what was causing the pain in my shoulders, yet he was able to find the cause and clear it in one session.”

— Pat Drop, Milpitas, CA


“At his lecture, Art asked if anyone would like to volunteer. I did so, expecting him to do a little example of his work with me. I never realized that my mother rejected me before I was born and that I did not love myself. … He released most of the pain in my left shoulder that the doctor called fibromyalgeia. … I am pain- free for the first time in my life.”

— Dottie, PA


“Being a therapist myself, I had doubts that he could do what he claimed in his lecture. I decided to try him at least once to test him out. … To my surprise, he dug into situations in my life that I had no idea were causing problems in my life. His book is a whole new concept on healing. I thought I knew what Energy Medicine was, but he has shown me a totally new view of it.”

— Sandra, Los Angeles, CA


“I had given up on taking the California teaching credential test, having failed it six times, with no idea why. … When we discovered why I was failing the tests it did not make sense. My father and my Husband programmed mwe to fail! Wow that was revelation. On the day before the exam, Art showed me how to take the test and helped me pump up my self-esteem and confidence. I passed in the 94th percentile. He is wonderful.”

— Becky M., Sacramento, CA


“I went to the Omega Centre bookstore looking for a book on Energy Medicine and/or Energy Psychology. They referred me to Art’s book. When I read the book, I called him immediately to see if I could get him to come to Toronto. I got him a lecture spot at a local health show and the rest is history.”

— Peter Myronyk, Toronto, Canada


“I could not do anything and stay committed to finish it. Art located the cause, but I still kept falling back. His books directed me to write down a long-hand affirmation, 21 times a day for 21 days. Each time, I would sabotage myself before I finished. It finally worked after five attempts. I do not understand why this book is not on the bestseller lists.”

— Kitty Kartialia, Los Angeles, CA


“I have worked with Art since 1989 and helped him develop some of his concepts. We did research together until I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I developed prostate cancer in 2001 and the prognosis was surgery unless I could stop the growth of the cancer. Working with Art, we found all the causes and the activators that caused the cancer and cured it.”

— James Landrell, D.C. H.M.S., Ft. Lauderdale, Fl


“When I found Art’s book in a bookstore in Sydney, I booked a flight to the USA with high hopes. The doctors had given me four months to live so I had nothing to lose. In a week of treatments, we had cleared my cancer. He did the impossible, but it seemed so simple when we found out what the cause was. Miracles do happen.”

— Carla G. Sydney, Australia


I had my doubts about what Dr.Art was talking about at his lecture. I decided to put skepticism aside try a session.. To my amazement He was able reveal all the trauma I had experienced as child. My body told him all he needed to know to begin releasing and clearing the pain I had in my back most of my life. This is his special talent I had never heard about before. Doctors tell you they can not control your pain without drugs or surgery. Dr. Art has discovered a method that is easy, painless and works in hours instead of years or even a life time.

— Mildred Kroger, St. Augustine Fl.


I was a prisoner in my body. I contracted Polio when I was fourteen. I was in a Iron Lung for for a year and was unable to walk. I spent five years in a wheel chair until I was able to learn how to walk. For the last 25 years I have dragged my feet unable to lift my legs. I had considered suicide becaise I don’t really have a life. Dr. Art challenged me with an offer I could not resist. “If I can’t clear the Polio symptoms that cause you disabilities there will be no cost to you. If I do release them so you can walk normally then the fee is double.” I could not resist the double or nothing because I did not think he could do it. In less than two hours we found the causes and I walked out his office normally. After spending $30,000 for nothing $500.00 was a real steal. I got my life back.

— Janet S. Elk Grove, CA


I did not think there was anything wrong in my life as I had come to accept what happened to me in the past was the way it is. The concept of accepting yourself as you are lifed a lot of resentment and anger at my parents. When Art showed me how much of this anger and fear from the past was locked into my body it was amazing. I overlooked a lot of the problems I had Because they were from the past. When we were able to get all the anger, fear and resentment removed from my body it was amazing how my life Changed. People started treating differently and I was happier. Opportunities That had passed me by in the past were becoming realities. My income Increased and my relationships improved. What more can you ask for.

— Jim Bentley, Austin TX

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