Energy Medicine

Holistic medicine, integrative medicine and alternative medicine, holistic healing and alternative healing have become generally equated with Energy Medicine. Every modality that does not use allopathic drugs seems to identify itself with energy medicine . It seems anybody who decides that their particular practice has some component of energy work then they  have the right to use Energy Medicine as label on their practice.

This is an over generalization that creates a lot of misunderstanding and conflict. For example, any physicist would question that a homeopathic remedy is called Energetic Medicine, as a homeopathic remedy contains no known form of energy that can be measured. Analogous to this, we often hear the expressions, ‘everything is frequency’ or, ‘healing frequencies’. This is a consequence of our modern-day interpretation that everything we can observe has to be explained in the terminology of contemporary physics such as what was discussed in the movie  “What the Bleep do we know”.  Everybody is jumping on the band wagon.  I have seen people at health Expo’s and trade shows waving crystals over people and doing chants calling it Energy Medicine.  Practitioners doing hands on healing are now describing it as Energy Medicine. It seems that holistic and alternative healing have taken a back seat.

What then is Energy Medicine?  The basic difference between allopathic medicine and energy medicine is the approach. We have to understand the meaning of diagnosis and treatment to get the concept.  They have different meanings in conventional and alternative medicine.  In conventional medicine you diagnose the outward symptom and treat it with drugs or surgery. They are treating the result created by the symptom.   In energy medicine we are looking for the cause or core issue that caused the malfunction or breakdown to happen.  Many practitioners in energy medicine are evaluating where does the energy system need attention and treat the energy system as a whole.. Physical symptoms may be a clue, but they are not the cause of the breakdown.  They are a result of a dysfunctional program in the mind. which created the breakdown in the cellular structure of the body.  In acupuncture the practitioner looks for the weak meridian where the breakdown is in the energy system.  When the energy that is blocking that meridian is released quite often the breakdown is cleared. The conflict with many forms of energy medicine is they do not create permanent results. This is where double blind tests would validate the process.

Some practitioners claim in the use of  this new terminology, basic theory must be explained. They claim we can only call Energy Medicine that which uses one of the known forms of energy, which are mechanical energy, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism and light.  Many of the healing modalities so far attributed to Energy Medicine are considered, in this framework such as Rife and Photon Beam machines.. With this process I am looking for documented evidence that the process does get results. It would be much more believable if we perform double blind tests so we can evaluate if the practice will provide similar results over time with different series of people on many illnesses, malfunctions and behaviour dysfunction’s.  .

We also have to evaluate the placebo effect as it can throw off the double blind test if  the person/client knows what is taking place.  If they do not know how the testing is being handled then we may get an accurate test.   If a person believes in the process or the person they will accomplish the desired result and/or healing no mater what the practice or the process is designed to accomplish.  In most healing it is not the product, practice, practitioner or the method.  It is the persons mind that does the healing.  I have proven this over and over again in the last 30 years. Miracles happen that I could not possibly cause to happen over and over again. .

In the work which I describe as Energy Medicine which can be described also as energy psychology and  Psychoneuroimmunolgy I take this a step deeper into brain/mind study.. In my research I have discovered every breakdown in the body is caused by programming in the mind. Our beliefs, attitudes and habit patterns control how our mind perceives and interprets sensory input from our environment.  It sets up programs based on the way we react or respond to any given stimuli. The programs are then stored in the our Subconscious Minds data base.  These become the operational systems which control our life.  The cellular structure in the body is the data base.  In clearing the malfunctions in the body we are removing programmed energy from the body..  The modalities that I use remove energy from the body in the form of releasing cellular memory. This has an electrical component to it because many times when releasing it we can feel the electrical charge releasing from the body.   Cellular memory is deposited in the acupuncture points on the meridians throughout the body.  Cellular memory are programs that were deposited by the mind during an emotional experience . When we understand that our body is our  mind and every cell is a micro networking computer we can see how breakdowns and malfunctions happen in our body.  Our body is an interactive computer which is controlled by the minds main frame computer which is in the Inner Conscious Mind.  (see Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book  “the Biology Of Belief’s)

Energy can be applied in many different forms mentioned above, and different clients and different diseases are  suited to each of them. However, there are four main parameters by which oscillating energy can be described: polarity, amplitude, wave form and frequency. All of these parameters have a decided influence on the success or failure of the treatment. Even though energy medicine has been practiced for almost one hundred years little systematic research has been done in this area.  .I have made a decided step in the right direction to improve this situation
by defining the modalities.  I view energy medicine as removing malfunctioning energy from the body not by putting energy into the body.  Many forms use frequencies and forms of energy applied to the body to defeat or destroy the invading energy.  I also have found that over the years I have tried to balance the whole bodies energies up only to find that when the client returns for the next session they are out of balance again.

Most applications today, no matter the forms of energy used, are applied as a set of frequencies called programs. What all of these applications are missing is a biofeedback loop that would customize and adjust the frequencies in real time to the current needs of the client. Therefore, some would say that most energy medicine today is, in fact, allopathic as it is based on the misconception that different diseases need standardized treatment protocols.  These do not take into consideration that in general alternative medicine wants to treat a person, not a disease, and actually holistic medicine wants to treat the current state of the person.

In allopathic medicine the medical field has decided that they can treat the symptom with drugs which only cover up the symptom.  Or they feel they can take out the result with surgery.  The only conflict is they do not know what causes the result in the first place, such as in cancer. We can not just treat the symptom and expect healing to take place because the program that caused the malfunction in the first place continues to be active in the minds database..

When we view what the diagnostic process is, many practitioners do not have any way of understanding what the root causes are or the core issues that have created the dysfunction in the body so in a sense many alternative and holistic practitioners are practicing the same methodology that allopathic medicine uses..  They may takedown a history, but what good does that do if the person does not know what created the dysfunction in the first place.  There virus and bacteria hitting us all the time.  What cause some people to get sick and other never become affected in the same environment?

Which then brings in Energy Psychology as the method to locate what the root cause and the core issues are.  Your mind will reveal any information you ask if you know how to ask the right question.  We have to let our mind do the diagnosis for us as it knows why it created any particular condition.  It knows what the payoff or the need being demonstrated is trying to accomplish.  This best way to take history is to let our mind dialog with us and tell us what it’s intention is condition it caused to manifest.  To do this I use Neuro Kineisology a form of Muscle testing originally developed by Dr. John Diamond an Australian Psychiatrist.  He described it as Behavioural Kinesiology. It has proven to very effective to get to the actual cause of any dysfunction in the body or the mind.

I see Energy Psychology as a  method to get information along with a method to develop software for the mind.  Affirmations are software for the mind.  If used in the proper manner can release and reprogram the mind in a very effective manner.  (See Energy Psychology)

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