What is Neuro Science

In the last 15 years more information about brain function and how we process information has been revealed in research on human behavior than in the last 100 years.  In fact much of the new research has shown that what we knew about how the body interacts with the mind was almost zero.  Medical research is not ready to accept the finding yet even though the current research shows that the mind/body connection is becoming the method to understand what causes malfunctions in our body.  Illness and disease are caused by the mind not by outside pathogens. We are finding that a healthy body can withstand almost all bacteria, virus, and disease pathogens.   A healthy body does not get sick.

By a healthy body we are not just talking about the physical structure of the body.   Our mind is the major player in physical and emotional well being.  In the past researchers did not connect brain function with health.  Research has now revealed there is a mind in the cell.  In fact our cells are micro network computers that interact with each other and minds main frame computer.  When Neuro scientists discovered that every cell in the body had receptor points and could pick up emotional responses it really threw than for a loop.    We pick up information through our ears and eyes most of the time, but now they find we are picking up information in a manner they could not understand at first.   Our mind is picking up and storing information in the data base which we have no contact with what it is.  Our mind is on 24/7 and is picking up sensory input at 240,000 bits per second.  This is the speed of a computer processor.  Our ears and eyes pick up at conversational speed of 134 bits per second.   Why the big difference?   The linear processing is very slow because our conscious mind has to understand everything that it picks up.

We can train our mind to bypass the slow linear pickup by training ourselves to scan information.  This can be done through a program described as Photo Reading.  In this manner we scan a book page rather than read it.  It requires us to switch from left brain learning to right brain processing.  We then get up to speed of processing 20 to 60 thousand words a minute.  Saves a lot of time when you can read a book in a half hour to two hours depending on the length.

As we understand the power of the mind we begin to comprehend how miracle healing happens.  If the mind can believe and process the information about clearing a malfunction in the body it can heal it.  We call this spontaneous remission in medical terms.   What it really is can be described as Placebo effect. I talked with a doctor who researched the Placebo effect to the point that he refused to perform surgery any longer and gave patients sugar pills and saline water injections.  He said his recovery rate increased to over 65%.   He said that the people who did not get results were attached to dysfunction and were an end result that had an emotional charge to it.  They were getting attention or recognition which caused them to be attached to their outcome.  He said he could not do anything with people like that and referred them to conventional doctors.

In Bruce Lipton’s book the Biology of Beliefs he describes his research in medical terminology how the cellular structure will react to sensory input.  In 1974 Robert Ader, a doctor at the Rochester medical school, coined the name for a new science of Psychoneuroimmunology.  In the last 10 years it is finally has a marginal acceptance.    What they have discovered is that any negative sensory input will begin to break down the immune system and the cellular structure of the body in micro seconds.   The endocrine system will also begin to react as if it were in stress and the adrenals will begin to react.  Continual stress will cause adrenal over reaction which then causes production of cortisol which will cause  the body to go into a depressive state.

All of the negative reactions can be controlled by releasing the negative programming.  This can be done by getting to the emotional triggers and activators that are causing the breakdowns.  This can be done by accessing the information
with Neuro-kinesiology also known as muscle testing.  The body/mind will reveal any information we desire to find if we know how to ask the right questions.

Our mind and brain can sabotage us too.  There is a system described as the Reticular Activation System.  It is like a censor that processes all the sensory input coming in and the actions you are taking in your life.  The Cybernetic Activation System is controlled by the Amygdala, a small Endocrine gland located in between the right and left hemispheres of our brain.  It references our flight plan in our mind for actions it takes (flight plan is the records and programs in your Subconscious Minds data base).    When you decide to take control of your life and change your path in life because you feel it is not working you may run into trouble.  If the Cybernetic system evaluates the change and it is not confrontive or  threatening  it will allow you to go through your change.   But, if it views this as a radical departure from the flight plan it or it has caused emotional confrontation or failure in the past it will try to stop you by causing you to feel disoriented, sick,  confusion, or procrastinate to get you back on the flight plans path.  Any time it feels you are putting yourself in a position to be in jeopardy or vulnerability it will react.  How does it do this to block your path?   When the Cybernetic System is activated it can only work from the programs from the past.  It makes a decision based on your recorded flight plan.  It is a literal decision and makes no evaluation if this positive or negative change for you.  The change could be a very important in your growth but if it confronts the recorded flight plan it will try to block it.

How does this happen?  When the Amygdala is activated it works through neural networks that have a set pattern.  If you disrupt the pattern it will release neurotransmitters in an effort to block your change.  It can even cause you to pass out if it can not stop you by disrupting your action.

The main path we have to take is to get in control of our mind.  When we take control we can make the changes we want in our life without confrontation of our own brain/mind.  We have an affirmation to disable and deactivate the Amygdala’s action and reprogram the Cybernetic System.  When we get the Reticular Activation system to work for us it can be an effective tool to make
change in our life.

More will added to this article as we get new information.

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