What Is Your Purpose and Goals?

Every once in a while you meet people who are inspired by their work. They exude enthusiasm and passion. They appear to care genuinely about what they are doing, the people with whom they work, and the people they serve. They express a joy that seems to come from deep within; it is not forced or superficial. You sense their genuineness and authenticity, and you know they are playing a role which fits their purpose in life…….

When you meet such a person, you realize that their work is consistent with their purpose. You might say they are working their “mission” They know why they are here and they know the difference they want to make in the world. This clarity and focus on their purpose makes them stand out from most of the people you meet.

Who Are These People? They could be anyone— teacher, parent, executive, artist, sales clerk, mechanic, carpenter, therapist, social worker, psychologist, doctor or an administrative assistant. They do not have to be wealthy or rich. It doesn’t matter what they do. What does matter is the way that they do it from a central purpose. Job or career satisfaction and fulfillment comes from the inside out, not the other way around. It is the self worth, self esteem and self confidence that are out pictured in a persons behavioiuir. For example, two teachers appear to be doing the same thing, yet one has a job, while the other has an impact on the children’s lives. One feels stressed and burned out much of the time, while the other feels excited, energized and challenged. The difference between them is that one teacher is fulfilling his/her purpose and their mission, while the other is just doing a job to collect a paycheck.

Do you desire to be one of them, living your purpose and know that you are making a difference in this world? Do you have the desire to break out of the box of controlled action and autopilot to think outside the box.? Are you willing to confront the fear of change and take the challenge of being set out from the crowd and taking control of your life? Does it make any difference how other people view you.? Or do you want to make sure everybody accepts so you make sure you don’t make any waves to upset people by speaking your feelings and opinion.?

If we were to view our life as a stage play with ourselves as the script writer and director of our play entitled This Is Your Life, we could see how our life was created. Provided you are not in denial or in an illusion. Your mind can reveal the history, and your flight plan that was laid out for your life. We have found that very few people can recover their flight plan, the road map and the directions given to them prior to birth. We had a perfect life laid out for us with all the lessons we have to learn in the flight plan, but unfortunately most people do not know how to recover it so they blunder through life with no road map or no directions on how to live this perfect life. They are on auto pilot. They allow their parents to write their flight plan for their life which they accept as the way life is. Are you one of those people? Do you want to take control and run your life so you can attain the goals you dreamed of?

We are the lead actor/actress in our play, along with being the stage director, the producer. and the choreographer. We create every act in our life. We can create any form of play we choose for our life to follow. We do not have to create a tragedy or a soap opera, we can create a powerful supportive experience when we realize we can remove all the limitations since we are the director, producer, choreographer and set decorator. We can choose to screen any play we desire as we are the producer and director so we can choose all of the supportive actors and actresses in our play. The question is do you want to choose or just let it fall into place randomly without any order?.

When we were children, we let our parents set up and write our scripts for us. They played out their script in our play. They were the directors and producers of our play. In fact, many times we still play out their life in our play, not ours, as we are copy of them. Whose life are you living? Yours or your parents? When are we going to take control of our life and rewrite the script? We cannot change the past, but we could accept, love and forgive our parents for doing what they did to us, and then rewrite a new, successful script for next act of our play in life today. Are you ready to write a new script for your play so you can be the producer and director in your life.?

The first question we have to ask is: Do you want to recover your lost self you separated from during the trauma of childhood?. Do you want to have your life run in an effective manner with peace, happiness, harmony, joy, with financial abundance, unconditional love, acceptance, recognition, validation, approval and acknowledgment?. Almost everyone will answer yes. Some will say they have these qualities in their life. But do they? There are those who will deny they had any problems in childhood. They refuse to accept there is a possibility they had conflicts with their parents in childhood. But is that the correct answer? You may say to yourself, yes, I have happiness and joy in my life. Yet, we can observe from their actions and behaviour this not a true statement? It is not for most people. It can be for about 5% of the people who answer this question. Is everyone else being truthful with themselves? No, that is a fact proven over the last 30 years in my practice. The test is: Can you validate yourself? or are you attached to outcome based validation? Meaning do you need other people to tell you that you are all right and acceptable? At least 65% of the people who are asked this question are in denial and live their life in an illusion so they could not answer the question accurately.

Who has control over your mind/body. What part of your mind is directing your life? Most people do not know. Some people think it is our brain. What is the brain? Brain researchers state it is made of five basic parts or lobes. Yes, that is true. What does it do? It is a switching network which operates on chemical and electrical responses controlled by our mind. Does it act on sensory input? Most of the time it does not. Isn’t our brain our mind? Partially. It does control most of our body and responses. Who controls the brain? Some researchers assume the brains responses are caused by how it perceives the situations in our environment. What part of our brain interprets what sensory input is and makes a decision as to what this input means. It is not our brain, we do, but who is we? We are a conscious mind field which is in every cell of our body. When sensory input enters our mind field our mind places a value on it. What is this feeling and how do I react or respond to it? Your Inner Conscious Mind searches the data base for a file that corresponds to it’s perception. Your brain is a switching network the mind uses to direct actions in our body. It is like the main frame and the operating system. We must be the operator to direct the functions. Inner Conscious mind is the director, but we must control it’s direction. Conscious mind is the keyboard operator. This only happens if you are in control and you can respond in an effective manner. This all happens in microseconds.

If you are not in control of your thinking processes who is?. Likely, Conscious Controlling Mind which is a false self. Who then really is in control?. In 90% of the population Conscious Controlling Mind is in control. It was installed and took control when you were a child. Again, this is the false self. Are you willing to let something you know nothing about control your life, body and mind? It is, unless you have reclaimed your personal power and control over your life it is controlling your life.

Some people can over ride control and become successful in business and career but not in their personal life. Your personal life is where true reality will always play out. You can not escape yourself. You can play a role in your career or business based on what you have learned in the past, but you can not escape yourself it will always play out based on programs of the past.

Some people will disagree with my concepts on the brain/mind due to research done over the last 100 years. But, is that a valid concept. In the last 10 years they have discovered more than they have in the last 100 years. In fact most of the recent developments discount the information from the past. The more researchers find out about the Brain/mind the more it validates what I have discovered. Why do I identify it as the brain/mind? The brain only functions on a given set of programs. It really can not carry out thinking processes. It processes like a computer with sets of programs. All the reasoning and creative thinking is done by the mind field. My research spans 30 years with actual work with clients through documented records.

My research has shown that our childhood training controls how we think and act. We are programmed and imprinted by our parents. This sets up a flight plan in the operation center in our mind. As this flight plan develops during our maturation process 90% of the time it is not set up to support transformation and evolution to higher level understanding of peace, happiness, harmony, joy, unconditional love and acceptance or prosperity and abundance. Due to experiences in childhood it becomes locked into creating safety, security and protection from trauma and fear. This sets us up on a detour to avoid rather than understand the sensory input that comes to us. We begin to live in survival rather than abundance. We also bring into this life the files from past lives which our minds interprets literally. It does make judgments about what happened in the past and discard it if it is negative. It reacts to the file information which can cause behaviour conflicts in your current life. This is another controversial concept. Yet over the last 30 years I have been able to prove my point by clearing many people who begin to change their life with phenomenal results. We continue to find new concepts on how the brain/mind functions each year. Even in conventional brain research they have discovered that most of the last 100 years of research does not fall into line with current research. Most of the research in the last 10 years has invalidated the past information. They are finding that the body and mind are connected and can reduplicate the process of a gland or an organ that was removed. How does that happen. Read on and we will detail how we cracked the mind’s codes.

It took me 10 years to really understand how the basic codes are filed in the mind. The break through was when I purchased a computer in 1982. It was almost like a miracle experience to come to this understanding. What happened was I understood how the mind processes information, It took 20 years more to really get a handle on how our mind controls our life.

I have been on this journey for 30 years. My goal is to balance all four quadrants in our life so we will be successful at every challenge we embark on. I will challenge any situation knowing I can accomplish it if I put my mind to it and figure out the path to success. The four quadrants must all be balanced on a solid foundation for personal and financial success:

1. Physical fitness/Health: Nutrition – Diet – Physically Fitness
2. Mental/fitness/Health: Psychological – Emotional – Relationships
3. Financial fitness/Health: Abundance – Prosperity – Business Success
4. Spiritual fitness/Health: Spiritual Enlightenment – Transformation – Connection with Higher Power

It took me over 25 years to crack the minds codes. Now that I found the path to success, my desire is to show everyone how we can rewrite our scripts for success at every level of our life. In doing this, I have become a historian, helping people go back to recover the lost files and forgive the people who created their early life trauma, so they can get on with their agenda of success at every level of their life. We do not have to take 30 years it took me to find the true path to success in all quadrants. We can do it months instead of years.

According to medical researchers we are victims of our heredity. Genes and DNA are the blue prints that set down the basic scripts for our life. Is our life set up so we have no choices or options since we are controlled by the heredity of our parents? If you believe this you are locked into the path of your parents which is the way it will be.. Obviously this in not true because there are to many exceptions to this theory. The challenge is the concept of being controlled by beliefs. Beliefs can control your life and are the basis of heredity. Many people break out of the their parents hereditary scripts when they recognize they were imprinted with their parents beliefs. How do they do it if we are stuck with Genes and DNA that control our future? Very simply, we are in control of our Genes and DNA we can reprogram our scripts very easy and make a new movie if we know the power of our mind can overcome anything. RNA is a duplicate picture of DNA. It is the exact blueprint of a perfect body. It can regenerate and replicate every cellular structure in your body. All you have to do invoke the blueprint to begin healing your body/mind.

This course of study is to show you how to obtain all the qualities for yourself without having to get them from others. It is about forgiving all the people who past through your life you have blamed and judged because you feel they hurt you or damaged you. Granted your parents may have imprinted you with negative experiences which cause many problems and conflicts in your life, yet they did the best they could with the knowledge and experience they had under the circumstances at the time. This course of study is to show, train and help you build a foundation for your life so you do not continue the behaviour of your parents which you were imprinted with. They did not give you a good model. Now you can build a new successful model for your life which provides peace, happiness, harmony, joy, acceptance, approval, validation, recognition, acknowledgment, and unconditional love. We want to know that the people in our life can be trusted to be there for us.

How do you get on purpose?

The first question we have to ask yourself is you we willing to let go of denial and face the truth? Are you willing to forgive all the people in your life and face the fact some of them caused trauma, pain, fear and anger? You may not even know that this happened if you are in an illusion and denial. If pain in your body is talking to you then you have to face up to the truth about your past. You can’t forced it out or drug it down you have to face it and it can be reprogrammed. All we have to do is rewrite the scripts you operate from. You will then have an open path to transformation.

Mission, vision, vocation, calling, bliss, meaning, passion, these are just some of the words that convey our human need to identify and express purpose. Ultimately, finding your purpose is a spiritual quest. It represents your ability to connect with something greater than yourself. The question,” Why Am I Here?” goes much deeper than what career is best for you. This course will help you look inside yourself for your answers, which is the only place you will ever find them. Then peace, happiness, harmony, joy and unconditional and recognition is your inheritance. Prosperity and financial abundance will follow.

Passion and Enthusiasm

When you break the word “passion ” down, you will find the essence of what purpose is about. PASS-I-ON. Isn’t that what you want to do? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others and leave something of yourself behind? None of us want to think that we have lived and died without leaving any trace of our uniqueness behind. The word is also used because it represents feeling. To fulfill a passion is to express deeply held feelings. Passion is not an intellectual or rational brain function; passion comes from the feeling we are a unique being.. It is a calling. You don’t think about what your purpose is, you feel or know your purpose.

You don’t figure it out, you experience it Passion implies desire. And your passion and enthusiasm if given a voice, it will arouse you to take action. Once known, it demands to be fulfilled. If we fail to listen, we suffer stress, fatigue, frustration, or dissatisfaction. Passion is compelling; it creates an inner sense of urgency, quite distinct from the external events of our lives Passion allows us to be truly alive.

Great, how do you do this? Read on.
My interpretation of success is: (1) being able to do what you desire, when you desire, without any concern for how or when you are going to accomplish the goal, and (2) being able to accomplish the adventure with total trust and acceptance, so that I achieve my goal with peace, happiness, harmony, joy and abundance in a total wellness state of being.

Are ready to take a new path to transformation, take control of your life and reclaim your personal power. It is before you now. Are you ready to take the bull by the horns and ride it into the new frontier? Breaking the barrier to a life path can be scary. You taking out the safety net. It could be a rough ride if you have resistance to taking a risk. Or it can be a smooth ride if you take control and know you can handle the ride into a new life. Do you have burning desire and Maximum commitment to follow through and discipline yourself to stay on the path. If you are ready for a miracle in your life you are on the right path. Transformation will take place in a very short time. Are you ready? Let us make the maximum commitment to succeed on this path to transformation of ourselves. Miracles do happen when we are ready to receive. You can do it, lets get on the path now.

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