False Evidence Appearing Real, The Definition of Fear

By Art Martin Ph.D

Most people react to fear before it happens because they make an assumption of what might happen if I expose myself to or take this step.  We have a saboteur in our brain which keeps us on the straight and narrow because it knows where you are is secure, safe and we can protect ourselves from this illusionary fear which we see in front of us.  There really is no fear.  We create the fear due to our inability to confront the fear.  We can get through it if we had the courage.  Yet most people retreat from the false evidence they perceive (see) before them.  Unfortunately there is not any possible way we can see that this false evidence is actually appearing real if we are in an illusion which is more real to us than the actual truth in what we perceive (seeing).

There is not any way you are going to convince or prove to a person they are in this illusion they are in if you are not an authority figure they accept.  If they accept the opinion of this authority figure they usually give their power away to them and accept their opinion, direction or diagnosis from a medical doctor or a trusted advisor, coach or mentor without any conditions.  Yet, a person who may have more credible information is rejected, scorned and criticized as providing false information, being self righteous or phony by them.  It does not make any difference how credible you are if they, the perceivers are in an illusion of fear.

It can be very frustrating to see people make decisions to follow a direction when you know they are on an ineffective path. It could be any situation in life.   It is not limited to any particular activity.  It can be health, relationships, business or a decision to purchase something you know is not a good buy etc.  Again the fear creator in our mind is at work.  Most people will believe this false self, which is controlling their life.  The main self talkers in our mind are the Inner Critic and the Critical Parent.  These are sub personalities that run our life.

The main cause is most people are on autopilot controlled by programs in their mind which make decisions for them.   The main one is Conscious Controlling Mind. It actually took over in childhood and pushed our Conscious mind aside and took over. The average person has from no control to 20% control over their life.   When you look at a bell curve showing where most people are in their personal growth in their life we find:

50% of the people from industrialized nations struggle through life in an illusion feeling there is not way to succeed or control diseases that confront them.

30% know they would like to change their life, yet they don’t know how so they are stuck where they are in an illusion so they can’t see a way out.  It is there right in front of them but fear of making a decision to change stops them.  They are safe where they are yet many are suffering in pain or low income in positions or jobs they do not like.

Only 15% are making changes in their life to obtain success and happiness.

When we realize only 5% are successful it is amazing that so few people are really getting the concept of success.  It is more appalling when we check further that less than 3% of this 5% think out of the box and are successful at all levels of their life.

Contrary to popular belief there are those children from dysfunctional families who grow up and succeed against all odds.  What do they have and how do they do it?  They do not fit in to the bell curve because they start out at the bottom of the ladder.  What it is there is no fear of what can be accomplished in their life.  They use their drive, burning desire, intention, commitment, discipline and ability to follow through to a goal.  These people have the drive to follow through no matter what family circumstances or what conditions they were born into.  We find many naysayers that say they were in the right place at the right time.  Who put them there?  They were looking for opportunities and they found them.

How do you overcome the fear and get on a path to success?  As an experiment in 2004, I presented five seminars, Open the Door to Your Millionaire Mind.  My assumption was that there would be a few people who may have a positive program which would allow them to test out with Kinesiology (muscle testing) as positive to being entitled to money.  I tested at least twenty people at each seminar and did not find one person who tested positive.  I was offering a free $100 bill which I displayed to everybody at each seminar if I could find a person who was entitled to money.   I presented these seminars in cities with what I considered strong potential in personal growth area.  They were Atlanta GA, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Toronto Canada.  We did a mass affirmative declaratory affirmation with the whole audience to show people we could reprogram their mind and it worked   I check the twenty people I had checked at the beginning and they all tested positive to accepting money in their life.

What was not working in these people lives? They were all from dysfunctional families, yet they did not know they were not functional in their life.  Most were operating out of an illusion of fear even though they did not know it.  All these people were in the 15% category so they were making attempts to change their life.  Even though I offered them an opportunity to work with me and overcome these road blocks, boulders and limitations they had put in place in their life path only 25% were willing to take the next step to success in their life.  Only 35% of that 25% were willing to follow through and take the steps required to obtain success in their life.  Again, what was holding them back?   It was fear of change.

To find out more how to overcome fear and remove the saboteur in our brain which blocks our success watch for next article on FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real.

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