Weight Loss Freedom

By Art Martin Ph.D

It takes a lifestyle change!  Are you ready for a miracle in your lifestyle?  Have you tried all the weight reduction systems and exercise programs with very little results or even total failure to reduce your weight?  Are you fed up with your results?  We have the answer to a weight loss program that works.

If you have been on the roller coaster or the ping pong life style diet with rebounds where you drop the weight and if eventually creeps back in so you give up because you can’t seem to keep it off permanently we have the answer to your dilemma. Your diet and the food you eat do have an effect, yet it not the root cause of excess weight.

Excess weight is not really a dietary problem.  It is an emotional and psychological conflict in our life.  We make food choices that fit our emotional needs.  Feel good foods satisfy our need for love and recognition.  When we feel rejected, not accepted or recognized we will go for the high sugar foods that give us the feeling of satisfaction of meeting our need for love and value even though we know we should not eat this food.  Chocolate has the same chemical effect on our brain as feeling loved.

What we are looking for is love and recognition so we can get the feeling we have value.  It is an illusion we feel from feeling rejected in childhood. Our brain/mind is getting a false sense of acceptance when we eat for pleasure. There is nothing wrong with eating for pleasure if we are aware of the food we are eating and what effect it will have on our body.   When we feel rejected or not recognized our mind sets up illusionary programs to get what we think we need to fill the empty void of feeling of not valued and loved.  It does not make any difference if you are getting validation your mind will discount it.

What happens is that our mind sets up a program so we can only extract sugar out of everything we eat.  It may get to the point that we do not even digest the food we consume as our minds objective is to get sugar out of all the foods we eat.  In fact if you cut all the sugar and carbohydrates totally out of your diet you will be outrageously hungry all the time.  When you eat some sugar food the hunger will go down.

If you can meet your needs for acceptance, recognition and love in your life then you will be able reduce your weight easy and quickly.  The only problem is we can not achieve this goal by diet and exercise.  This will not fill the void in our mind which wants the seven qualities of love.  It really does not make any difference how effective or successful you are in your career or business your mind has only one concept and it will discount any validation you receive if the need is not met.  The programs from childhood must be deleted erased and destroyed or they will keep playing out with the need for sugar.  This is where reparenting is effective.  Using the Energy Psychology process can locate the base and root causes of the feelings of being rejected, not recognized and validated as a child.  This is where all excess weight gains come from.

The research shows many people have the desire to develop a fit and healthy body but are they willing to seek help and discipline themselves to eat right and exercise?   Are you ready to set the intention and make the commitment to go for the goal?  Are you ready to discipline your self so you can stay on the path to wellness?  If you answered yes to all the questions then you are ready to go for the wellness path.

Diets and even changes in life style may not work for permanent weight loss.  You may have noticed that you are on a roller coaster up and down.  Have you disciplined yourself to avoid fattening foods and/or starved yourself, tried low carb diets or high protein diets, yet you do not obtain long lasting results?

The main cause is your mind indexes your body weight at a certain level at which you are unable to drop below.  If you do succeed losing weight and holding that level you must do these basic activities; exercise, clearing your Lymph system, increasing your metabolism and changing your dietary lifestyle.  These are not easy tasks to accomplish.  You can reach the goal if you are willing to follow a strict plan and stick to it over a year or more.

The easiest way to begin is to reset your weight index.  Your mind is a computer which keeps records in our Subconscious Minds Data base on our daily activities.   If we begin setting a pattern of eating junk food and high carbohydrate starchy foods and not exercising our metabolism is going to decrease its ability to digest foods.  As a result our weight index goes up and sets at our current weight.

Our fat burning ability drops off when our Thermogenic factor slows down and shuts off.  When our fat burning furnace will not burn fat our body begins to store excess weight  The only way you can restart it is long distance running over twelve miles on each run or use of Mu Huang a Chinese herb which will restart Thermogenisis functioning again.

The main problem is the weight index and metabolism.  It is easy to reset the weight index with an affirmation in a dialogue with our mind.  We can also reset the metabolism rate the same way.   It is not as easy to reset the Thermogenic factor.   Thermogenisis can only be reset by long distance running or bike riding.  Walking will not reset it.  The other way is the Chinese herb, Mu Huang.

The FDA tried to ban it because the active factor had caused deaths according to the FDA research.  It was opposed by the Chinese Medicine doctors who were able to get the ban lifted.  The FDA did prove that the drug companies had produced a chemical substitute which was dangerous to our health which was banned from sale.  Typical of the drug companies because they can not patent an herb.   Mu Huang is available on the Internet.  Even though it is an herb you should not take it for more than 60 days.  There needs to be a 30 day layoff before the next cycle.

Obesity has become epidemic with 62% of the population of the USA over weight.  Overweight children have increased 500% in the last 15 years. Some people are walking time bombs waiting for something to happen. For every twenty pounds over your correct weight you have an extra mile of blood vessels to feed that excess weight.  That is 5,280 feet of blood vessels your heart has to pump through.

The great American diet of convenience and fast foods has sucked people into fat producing diets.  The consumption of high fat fried food has increased 500 % over the last 20 years. On the positive side consumption fat red meat has dropped significantly while consumption of Poultry and Fish has increased over 300%.  The animal meat and potatoes diets are shifting more to vegetables, salads, seafood and poultry.

Weight reduction requires a disciplined committed program to achieve results. The weight index must be reset for effective results.  We must evaluate and seek help with the emotional conflicts from childhood which extend into our adult life. We need to reparent ourselves.  It requires an intention, discipline and commitment to change dietary lifestyle too.

Dr. Art Martin has been working with people with emotional weight reduction problems for 25 years with Energy Psychology.

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