I Want The Answer

We all want the magic potion, silver bullet, or the answer that will lead to perfect health, financial success and the right relationship.  The question is, are you willing to take responsibility and put the effort in to achieve the end result or the goal you set up?

Do you have any skeletons in the closet of your mind that could pop up and block your path?  Do you have boulders in your path that have to be pushed out of the way?  To get through this jungle of life may take some work to get to your goal.

We have the answers to just about every dilemma.  It will take some work on your part.  The question is again how much are you willing to put forth to achieve this goal?  We have discover that you can overcome any block or conflict in your path by releasing locked in programs that are in the Cellular memory of  your body.  Your body is your mind.  It is the data storage bank for all your experiences from before birth up to the present time.

You may not know what is locked into your data base.  We can find out very easy with Neuro-Kineisology, more commonly known as muscle testing.  Your mind and body will reveal every incident that has happened in your life. In finding the answers to the conflicts we can release them with affirmations and Neuro Cellular Reprogramming.

The majority of all our conflicts and difficulties began in childhood.  Our parents were our primary care givers and mentors.  If they had difficulties in their life they passed them on to us by imprinting us with their behavior.  At the time we did not know they were setting up our life programs.  They did the best they could with the experience and knowledge they had.  Unfortunately it seems to be a viscous circle in families.  The dysfunctional behavior gets passed down from generation to generation.

There is an answer to whole dilemma.  We can release all the dysfunctional patterns and program that we picked up from our parents and clean out our data base.   The ebook that is available free on this site explains the process and how it can be done.  Download “Your Body is Talking Are you Listening” to get the answers.

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