reparentReParenting Yourself

Book: $19.97

How can you correct your parents’ mistakes so you become an effective adult and parent rather than operate from inherited, dysfunctional parenting patterns? We must ReParent ourselves to remedy any mistakes we may have already made with our children.

This is not your children’s problem because they were born with the concept of what love is, but you were never shown what love is … and may have already destroyed their self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. As a result, they act out because we failed to recognize their need for love and recognition. Parenting is not about control and discipline, but is instead about respect, love and forgiveness.



spiritual_beingBecoming a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body

Book: $15.95

This book is an operator’s manual for apprentice “earth masters” who are embarking on the spiritual journey. Learn to listen to the messages that we receive each day to guide us on our path. Following universal laws and spiritual principles that govern the spiritual journey requires committed discipline. The rewards include the endof duality in your life and all the limitations and expectations that drive our lives. Stop being a human that has occasional spiritual experience’s, and become a spiritual being that has occasional human experience’s.


god_sourceOpening Communication with GOD Source

Book: $15.95

The author’s search for God uncovers a shocking truth… that a group of wise and ancient beingshave been involved with Earth since the beginning. And following the author’s guidelines, you can easily contact them.

Packed full of usable and powerful techniques, this book will take you beyond the blocks that most of us have, put you on the spiritual path. Learn to access your personal page in the Akashic Record.

Opening Communication with GOD source culminates in a fascinating dialogue between the author and the Source that resolves many profound mysteries of life.



body_talkingYour Body is Talking are you Listening?

Book: $15.95

A miracle is choosing to rise above limitation, and take responsibilityfor who you are. When you allow the awesome power of your mind to work its miracles, healing begins. However, we block miracles by our illusion and doubt which induce fear.

Fear is simply “False Evidence Appearing Real,” with sickness becoming a defense against the truth.

We all want to live in peace, happiness, harmony, joy and unconditional love. We want experience self-worth, esteem and confidence, but very few have this elusive quality because, through ignorance, we give away our personal power.

The truth can heal any dysfunction – mental, emotional or physical. All we need to know is the original cause, core issue and catalyst that caused the breakdown to manifest. Your body will tell the truth, but are you willing listen? This is not magic, illusion or spiritual healing. It’s simply reprogramming. And this book is your “how to” manual.

Video DVDs

dvdOur Body is talking Accessing the Records

DVD: $15.95

The practice of PsychoNeurImmunology explained.1 Hour Video/Lecture and TV interview

Audio CDs


cdPeek Performance
Self Regulation

CD: $29.95

Programming tape to regulate and regenerate the body functions, rewrite programs


cdThe Seven Chalkra Experience

CD: $19.95

A guided imagery training tape for meditation to reach your High Self, your temple, Source of your being and to access Akashic records.



cdYour Body is Talking, Are You Listening?

CD: $19.95

Lectures on the book by the same title. 1 hour



cdYour Body/Mind is a Network Computer

CD: $19.95

Description of how the mind operates.



cdElectronic Medicine
CD: $19.95

Description of the Body Mind Harmonizer and processes.