energy_psychology2Energy Medicine the Pain Reliever
We have talked with many people who have done treatments with practitioners who say they are using Energy Medicine as the focus of their practice, yet they also state they are not using Energy Psychology in their therapy work.


energy_psychologyThe Magic of Energy Psychology
How would you like to have a tool which you could monitor your body’s actions and how it was processing the way you feel at all times?  Most of the time we can not remember what happened in our childhood or how it affected us.  Most people do not know they are not in control of their life.


stress04Stress Relief: Becoming stress resistant and having freedom from stress
In becoming stress resistant it may take some concentrated effort to review your basic response to stressors in your life. Many people have autopilot reactions to stressful situations. We have to be able to recognize when we take an action to avoid the stress issue that is facing us.


stress03Stress Relief: Identifying the stressors and how to remove them
We have to set up a new path for our ideals, our ambitions, attitudes, intentions and our goals. How we were treated by our mother can and will control the rest of our lives. The main challenge is to recognize what unconditional love is.


stress02Stress Relief: What is stress?
Stress is difficult for scientists to define because it is a subjective sensation associated with varied symptoms that differ for each of us. Hans Selye set out the first definition. Many scientists see stress as a reaction to events in our life which cause a reaction in our body.


stress01Stress Relief: The Origins of Stress Research
Hans Selye is considered the first researcher who was able to assign a meaning to a syndrome he discovered which was destroying productivity in business and was causing burnout in many people.


back_painThe Truth about Back Pain
Back pain can be caused by many influences, yet most people will blame lifting something, sports injuries, or impact from falling and hitting something.  Yes, some of these situations do cause back pain.


fireIs Your Life On Fire Or Burning Out?
Your life is functioning in one of these three basic patterns: The fire of desire, inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion is driving your life with energy and purpose. You are on fire all right, spinning your wheels and burning out.


parentingParenting Models for Adults and Children
The Dysfunctional Model: tough love, control, authority, manipulation and compliance. The Functional Model: respect, trust, validation, recognition, acknowledgment, unconditional love, approval and forgiveness.


weight_lossWeight Loss Freedom
It takes a lifestyle change!  Are you ready for a miracle in your lifestyle?  Have you tried all the weight reduction systems and exercise programs with very little results or even total failure to reduce your weight?  Are you fed up with your results?


fear1False Evidence Appearing Real 
The Definition of Fear Most people react to fear before it happens because they make an assumption of what might happen if I expose myself to or take this step.  We have a saboteur in our brain which keeps us on the straight and narrow because it knows where …


fibromyalegia2Freedom from Back Pain
Almost every one has some form of back pain. The pain may be only in the lower back or around the shoulder blades.  Some is in the mid back next to the spine. Very seldom do people who struggle with back pain get relief and become pain free.


unconditional_love2Unconditional Love, Do You Have It?
The word love is used in many ways which have no real intent or meaning which causes the word to be diminished it’s affect on us as a humans. Rather than saying hello, closing a conversation or departing people will use hi love or I love you.


reparentingReParenting Ourselves
Parenting is not just about learning how to be functional parents and pass on a healthy world view; it is about learning how to reparent ourselves and unload the programs that we in turn accepted from our parents so we can become a whole person.


purposePurpose and Goals
Every once in a while you meet people who are inspired by their work. They exude enthusiasm and passion. They appear to care genuinely about what they are doing, the people with whom they work, and the people they serve.


mind_codesCracking The Mind’s Codes
The first question we have to ask is: do you want to have your life run in an effective manner with peace, happiness, harmony, joy, with financial abundance, unconditional love, acceptance, recognition, validation, approval and acknowledgment.


What is Fibromyalgia? About 70% of the population is affected by this condition. Some people have mild pain yet others have chronic pain that never lets up. We choose to describe Fibromyalgia as a malfunction in our body not a disease or illness.


unconditional_loveWhat Is Unconditional Love?
Do you think you know what comprises the qualities and aspects of unconditional love? I am not referring to what you may think or believe what love is at a Conscious level. Does your Subconscious Mind have a program which will allow…


nuero_scienceNeuro Science
In the last 15 years more information about brain function and how we process information has been revealed in research on human behavior than in the last 100 years. In fact much of the new research has shown that what we knew about how…


energy_medicineEnergy Medicine
Holistic medicine, integrative medicine and alternative medicine, holistic healing and alternative healing have become generally equated with Energy Medicine. Every modality that does not use allopathic drugs seems to identify itself with energy…

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