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Energy Medicine the Pain Reliever

Energy Medicine and PsychologyWe have talked with many people who have done treatments with practitioners who say they are using Energy Medicine as the focus of their practice, yet they also state they are not using Energy Psychology in their therapy work.

The Magic of Energy Psychology

Energy PsychologyHow would you like to have a tool which you could monitor your body’s actions and how it was processing the way you feel at all times? Most of the time we can not remember what happened in our childhood or how it affected us.

Stress Relief: Becoming stress resistant and having freedom from stress

Stress ReliefIn becoming stress resistant it may take some concentrated effort to review your basic response to stressors in your life. Many people have autopilot reactions to stressful situations.

Stress Relief: Identifying the stressors and how to remove them

Stress ReliefWe have to set up a new path for our ideals, our ambitions, attitudes, intentions and our goals. How we were treated by our mother can and will control the rest of our lives. The main challenge is to recognize what unconditional love is.

Stress Relief: What is stress?

Stress ReliefStress is difficult for scientists to define because it is a subjective sensation associated with varied symptoms that differ for each of us. Hans Selye set out the first definition. Many scientists see stress as a reaction to events in our life which cause a reaction in our body.

Stress Relief: The Origins of Stress Research

Stress ReliefHans Selye is considered the first researcher who was able to assign a meaning to a syndrome he discovered which was destroying productivity in business and was causing burnout in many people.

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